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Hello, Spring!

September symbolizes to me not only the start of summer, but the start of a new chapter- so make it a good one. Oh, and don't forget national braai day on 24 September!

I thought I would also share with you five destinations I like to visit during the upcoming warmer months:

-Canettevallei Lavender Farm

-Klondyke Cherry Farm

-Dalebrook Tidal Pool

-Helderberg Nature Reserve

-West Coast National Park

AUGUST- Women's month was a great success with our annual pads drive. We have managed, with your help, to collect 472 sanitary towels! We will be donating them to St. Georges Girls' Home and various NGO's in need. I will post images on Instagram as well as Facebook.

Fruits coming into season (September - January):

-Lychees -Strawberries -Sweet Melon -Naartjies -Peaches -Plums

-Cherries -Apricots -Watermelon -Figs -Mango -Pear

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I often bake nd I use the different berries for my cakes as decorations nd what's more i LOVEeeee berries..

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