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The hidden benefits of Dried Fruit

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Dried fruit offers several advantages over fresh fruit in terms of cost, availability, and ease of storage and transport. It could also replace more unhealthful snack food that is high in sugar, salt, and saturated fat.

According to Medical News Today, people who eat dried fruit have are a healthier lifestyle and benefit from the dried fruit through healthier digestive systems and sugar levels. Dried fruit are energy rich and should eaten at the right quantity.

With an increasing demand globally for fresh fruit, this has led to higher volumes of fruit spoiling on shelves and rotting in landfills. Losses in fruit costs the economy millions from storage costs to transportation costs that must be recouped by consumers. Let us not talk about the carbon cost of fresh fruit, from carbon in logistics of transportation, cooling, fridges and methane released by spoilt fruit.

How does Dried Fruit Benefit us then?

  1. Dried fruit contains all the good nutrients and values of the fresh fruit with a longer shelf life ensuring the value in production of fruit is not lost, while weighing less.

  2. Reduced weight and size of dried fruit compared to it's fresh fruit reduces the carbon emissions required in transportation and storage of the fruit per kilogram.

  3. Packaging and logistics of dried fruit reduces weight for packers and delivery men, reducing work place injuries relating to weight of boxes.

  4. Less fruit is lost from farmer to table reducing global food waste.

  5. Dried Fruits is easy to storing in the house, no need for a fridge and can keep for a longer than the shelf date if stored in a cool cupboard.

  6. When being kind, rather give dried fruit than fresh fruit to a person in need. They can store it longer without the need for a fridge, snack on the product over longer period and will receive all the nutrients of the original fruit.

The Berry Lady stocks a variety of dried fruit that can be enjoyed in many forms through baking, stewing, in a smoothie or raw.

The next time you are out shopping for fruit, consider buying dried fruit and remember it can be delivered straight to your door.

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